When Donald Trump Comes Out in Favor of Breathing Oxygen

This meme perfectly captures the phenomenon of Trump Derangement Syndrome. If President Donald Trump is in favor of something, liberals suddenly oppose that thing – no matter what. Ann Coulter wrote a whole book about this phenomenon (Resistance is Futile).

Trump even got House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to praise the psychopathic South American MS-13 gang because of this phenomenon. He called the gang a bunch of “animals,” so Pelosi gave a speech about how MS-13 killers, rapists and torturers are “angels” who have magic divinity sparkles emanating from them.

More recently, it happened with hydroxychloroquine. When President Trump announced that HCQ seemed to a be game-changer that could save lives from the Wuhan Chinese China-China-China virus (from China), the liberal media immediately declared HCQ to be murder poison.

They even found a crazy lady in Arizona who had allegedly poisoned her husband with fish tank cleaner, just to proclaim that HCQ would kill people. To this day, there are CNN viewers who believe that hydroxychloroquine is a dangerous, untested drug that will kill them, rather than a safe and cheaply-made life saving drug that’s been on the market for 60 years.

Sweet, beautiful oxygen!

43 thoughts on “When Donald Trump Comes Out in Favor of Breathing Oxygen”

  1. Nancy Pelosi ranks right up there with the top 5 most disgusting human beings. Her disrespect for the President is horrible, calling him a “domestic terrorist” while remaining silent about the tragedies in our great cities. I hope her tearing up of Mr. Trump’s State of the Union speech will be pursued in court for destroying a Federal document. Even if the charge doesn’t stick, I hope it ties her up just 10% as much as she’s done to the President.

    1. But Nancy Pisslosi and AOCocksucker hive wonderful blowjobs for just $25 a shot. They also like to be fucked in the ass. We love these cum sucking whores.

  2. It is totally amazing how horrible many of the democrats are – the hate Tump syndrome. It is equally amazing that they get away with it. It is equally amazing that many actually believe everything those dems say to the extent they are ok with criminals being turned out of prison, with criminals tearing down and burning cities and looting. And, then the dems protect them and do not want President Trump to send in troops to have law and order. They do not care if police are killed, They did not care if people died because they were against medications that doctors knew helped keep people alive and alleviate the terrible symptoms of the covid. Is it really all because of hate trump or is it because they really want to change our country into socialism or some ism. I think that they hate Trump because he has come in and gone against their standard politics which are obviously not for our country. Just as soon as they can get rid of him, what do you think will happen to our freedom, our America?? What in the world have humans come to??? Totally amazing!!!!! Our laws should deal with them — why are unlawful criminals allowed to take over??? Do all of us who love America really have to fight with guns?? Oh, but they want to take those away too. How convenient for them that would be. Y’all had best start thinking for yourself. There is something very wrong in America.

    1. Democrats had nothi g to do better. they hate President Donald Trump because he promised to drain the swamp, and the demloctats are 100% the Swamp. That started the “Hate Trumo Syndrome”. Majority of Americans are aware of the Domocrats’ hunger for power. This is one reason that they should never occupy the White House.

    2. Well said Joan
      It is uplifting to hear a woman’s point of view not a woman’s point of view trying to be a man!
      Men and women are certainly different both necessary and both equally important!
      We are not equal but both have equal roles in society men good at some things and women good at others!
      Women speak from the heart and in my belief that alone makes them more important especially to our families and isn’t that what really matters
      Men can handle the strains of the workplace and politics or they think with reason and consider consequences which is far from decisions based from the heart!
      Thank you for being a wise woman !
      Perhaps you will make a difference and others will hear your wisdom!
      Please don’t pay attention to the idiots mocking themselves as they spew their democrat trash upon your path!

      1. Men and women ARE equal, not the SAME! I chose to believe that is what you mean to say. I am a conservative, older female who voted for President Trump in 2016 and will vote for him again.

    3. I also think they hate the president because he probably has something on all of them. Bet once he’s out of office he writes a tell all book . Can’t wait for that .As for Nancy Antoinette she does suck.

  3. Take everyones firearms. raise drug prices, raise energy prices, put a kabash on all trade deals, strip military allowances, give every person including illegal aliens stimulous packages so they will never have to work again, open the borders only to criminals….. This is the standard that the president must follow so we can get things done in this country. DRIVE THE DEMS CRAZIER THAN THEY ALREADY ARE.

  4. Trump said maybe he should have opposed a wall, then the democrats would have demanded a wall built. With leaders like pelosi, schiff, schumer, blumenthau, nadler, hirono, aoc, swalwell, etc, nothing Good will take place. Trump 2020!!

  5. Pisslosi, Schumotherfucker, Schitt, Nadlerentsprostitutes, Blunmentheasshole. Hironorganism, AOCocksucker, Swalwellikestosuckdicks, etc., are all cocksucking idiots with shit for brains.

  6. Unfortunately she tore up a copy. Not an official document. But, that measure of “petty” seems to fit with todays liberal narrative.

  7. Until nazi’s like George Soro’s are eliminated from this earth o long with crazy women, democrat politicians Hollywood and the tech media America will be what it is now a shit hole!
    For when the above mentioned speak act or crawl from hell nothing but shit comes from them!
    America is being destroyed and held hostage by a few thousand rich people whom have ALL the money! The only way they could become richer was to killl us with the covid or the economy with
    the covid force all to wear masks so they the criminals can commit crimes while masked this further destroying the country!
    All to make their money worth more and turn us the non rich into their slaves!!!!!!!
    Women and power are a deadly combination just look what they have destroyed with their positions in politics
    Women are incapable of good when they have power try showing one exception in 2020
    Women and media combined have killed more people with the covid then all wars combined just think about that!!!!!
    Big tech companies are not run by women however they are run by towel heads and millennials that think they are women or it’s or whatever our idiot kids dream to be they certainly will never be men!
    Men are definitely not perfect and there are certainly bad men however women and cross genders are the sweat that drips from the devils balls!!!!!!
    The saying there is nothing worse then the wrath of a pissed off woman a title women have earned!
    There is no changing a woman’s mind once she has decided something whether right or wrong she will kill all to defend her insanity!
    Until she alone changes her mind which occurs about every other week
    You can educate a woman but you can’t teach her reason or the value of consequences!
    For she is only from the rib of a man and that is less then 1 % of a man!
    Women were created by God to be man’s companion and she even screwed that up by committing the original sin
    Condemning us all to the vialness of Satan
    The reason women hate men like Trump is because he is everything they can never be !
    A MAN!
    Most democrats are women or gay men
    All other democrats are misfits incapable of supporting themselves or their families without social programs to support their lazy asses
    The niggers of society is a good description of democrats and Im not speaking of the color of their skin , I’m using the term nigger for it is the most vial slander in the English language that has morphed from a slander on black people to a description of a person whom murders and commits crimes without Conscience
    Until such time as women and democrats are removed from politics and the media of any kind Americans and America is at risk to the devil

  8. If the DemonDORKS cared half as much about the American people, as they do hating Trump, jus think how much good could have been accomplished.

  9. I believe the dems had something to do with co vid coming into our country. Nancy Pelosi is the most disrespectful person I have ever seen, along with her blow hard pal, Chuck Schumer . They both should be arrested for threatening the President as well as the American people. We know Hilary and many others are behind all of this, WHERE is the whistleblower to prove all of the deception from these people ?

  10. How about leaving out all the four-letter words? A few years ago, we were a more respectful people; it is extremely offensive to read the vulgarity, and it diminishes whatever you say! I agree that the Damnocrats are horrible; just let’s convey this in a more civil way. Time to change America back to its excellent roots! Thank you all!

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