The Fake News Network CNN is Not Sending Their Best

Quick question: Who is the dumbest person on CNN? That’s actually a tough question if you think about it for a few minutes and remember some of the “talent” working there.

You have a lot of choices. There’s Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper. But then you’ve also got CNN’s resident bodybuilder, Fredo Cuomo. And what about “Tater” (Brian Stelter, the man who looks like a potato and who really loves it when you call him “Tater” on his Twitter feed. Just trust us on this one.)

While it’s difficult to choose which one is most deserving of the Dumbest trophy at CNN, Fredo is definitely in the Top 3. He’s just not a very smart man.

A couple of months ago before the DNC decided to blame the riots on Trump, and the media was claiming that there were no riots, Fredo gave a “thoughtful” dialogue in which he demanded, “Show me where it says protesters have to be peaceful.”

As White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnaney notes in this meme, it says it in the Constitution, Fredo! Specifically: The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

13 thoughts on “The Fake News Network CNN is Not Sending Their Best”

    1. CNN…..the Crap News Network! Useless, untrustworthy liars and fake news fomenters. Sponsors should know….many of us BOYCOTT THEIR SPONSORS, because they are paying to KEEP THE LIES COMING!

  1. CNN should be banned from saying they are new source.
    Too many lies to make them a source.
    Should lose their license and be banned totally in the USA.

    1. You got that right. They are like teenagers, every time their mouths are moving, they are lying. I have never seen a “News” channel that is as bad as these losers they hired. I swear, they had to look under a lot of rocks to dig up these ignorant twits.

      1. Especially Tater and Fredo. Oh I forgot Cupcakes Anderson and Lemon, the dumbest man on TV. Rocks have more intelligence than Lemon and Cupcakes or for that matter all of them! Lol

  2. CNN its “disinformation” vacillates from unadulterated hog-wash, to absolutely flat out prevarication (i.e. lying through their teeth without flinching!) . Which brings us to their “logo” CNN.
    CNN: {formally} Clinton News Network
    CNN: Communist News Network
    CNN: Criminally Negligent Network {My favorite/since I just thought it up}
    And, yet they are allowed to “continue”, amazingly probably due to the fact(s) that MSNBC is even worse!

  3. I had to stop watching CNN,ABC,NBC,CBS and the rest. I wish they were news I could trust and depend on. They are not news but opinions. These are times we could use a news leader not republicans haters. Do they hate Trump so much to put the American people in jeopardy?

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