One of the BEST Lines from President Trump’s RNC Speech

If you missed any of the Republican National Convention this year, you really missed out on something special. The entire convention, from start to finish, was classy and patriotic. The fact that President Trump made it about ordinary Americans triumphing was just incredible.

This meme is a quote from the president’s 70-minute acceptance speech on Thursday night. Whereas the Democrat convention was so boring that some journalists who were forced to cover it were saying, “Kill me – please!” the Republican convention was so good that the media kept cutting out of it.

The next-to-worthless Chris Wallace called the president’s barnburner of a speech “surprisingly flat” and “too long.” Ha! So, you know it must have been good.

The contrast between the two conventions couldn’t have been more obvious. The Democrats had grainy Zoom calls between miserable convicted felons complaining about how America is a racist country. The RNC was bright, cheery, inspiring and patriotic from start to finish. We were feeling ferklempt more than once!

Bravo to President Trump and congratulations to the RNC for finally not screwing up completely.

11 thoughts on “One of the BEST Lines from President Trump’s RNC Speech”

  1. If you haven’t seen Laura’s Speech at the convention ,look it up. It was beautiful.
    Pray for Chris Wallace. In the coming up debates for President and Biden. Wallace, is asking questions ,and its well known he is not for President Trump.

    1. I seen him interview Pelosi and she didn’t like the question so she snapped at him. He hurried and shuddered and apologized. He always kisses democrats asses. I can guarantee that Biden knows questions in advanced. Look for him touching his ear a lot. Guarantee he’ll wear an ear plug for his answers because he won’t remember. Biden will continue to get softball questions whereas he’ll try to trap Trump. He’ll try and correct Trump when he’s right like his interview but won’t correct Biden.

  2. Sure wish that Fox News would have picked someone else, maybe Brett Baier or Brit Hume, maybe Laura Ingraham. Tucker Carlson would have been the optimum pick!

  3. The RNC was great! The DNC pathetic! How anyone who loves this country can vote for
    Biden is unbelievable after comparing the two conventions.

    1. It’s called mind control and it works best on the young and the gullible. The Democrats are experts at it. They don’t offer solutions…unless you count burn and destroy… only lies, slogans and promises of “nirvana”. I think Jonestown offered Nirvana too. Of course, we’ll never know. The dead don’t speak from the grave.

  4. I believe Chris Wallace secretly doesn’t like President Trump I think he comes out with these little statements about the president which appear to me to be kind of a slap in the face. He is definitely not impartial in my opinion, HEY CHRIS, SMARTEN UP, and be neutral.

  5. if you hate this country elect basement joe Biden and he will make you happy as he ruins it forever. president trump brought it back from ruins that Obama made of it but there will be nobody to bring it back from the ruins of a Biden administration. better think before you vote. the democrats haven’t done anything worth while in decades and don’t intend to either.

  6. I’m sure we can expect some questions to Pres Trump from Wallace like, “are you still cheating on your taxes”, but I’m confident even if he tries that, if he challenges Biden in the same way our President will come out way on top.

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