Trump’s Transformation into a Mainstream Politician

Trump’s opponents may have cried, “He will not divide us,” but Trump supporters certainly are being divided by some of the populist president’s recent policy decisions.

Hard-line supporters are saying Trump is playing 4-D Chess, that his wisdom defies comprehension. He is, in their eyes, infallible. On the other side of the spectrum, disgusted Trump supporters are throwing up their arms and decrying Donald Trump as just another corporate, globalist shill.

But not everyone is so strident. The coolest heads on the Trump Train are employing a wait-and-see strategy, standing by ready to hold Donald Trump to account.

The latter group is upholding a sacred responsibility- and it matters now more than ever- because Donald Trump represents a movement that may be the only force on Earth standing between the integrity of the republic and oblivion.

The troubling uncertainty began with an announcement that sent the currency markets reeling—the president told the Wall Street Journal that our currency is “getting too strong.” He said that he wants the Fed to keep interest rates low.

Not being economists, we may not understand why low-interest rates and a strong dollar cannot go hand in hand. But it may be wise to give the president credit on this account since his aim of shielding Americans from high-interest rates does seem like a good way to help families and businesses and get the economy jumping again.

However, he did say before that he wanted the dollar to be strong. So why would someone with the kind of finance knowledge that Trump has turn around so sharply? It’s a matter of concern because if Trump is wrong then the people who will suffer most are middle-class families whose savings will be degraded.

Another disturbing flip by the president is his stance on China as a currency manipulator. He told the Wall Street Journal last week that China is not a currency manipulator. He said China has not been manipulating its currency for months. There’s more room for hope here because he might be right. If so, it’s probably because he has done so much to discourage them from doing so.

In September, Trump called Janice Yellen “obviously political.” Since then, he’s changed his mind and said that he would consider re-nominating Yellen. He said he likes her and respects her. But who knows, maybe she’s changed too- like China.

In yet another flip-flop, Trump has said that he now supports the Export-Import Bank, which is responsible for subsidizing certain exports. He opposed it during his campaign. Trump had this to say about the Export-Import Bank, “It turns out that, first of all, lots of small companies are really helped, the vendor companies,” Trump told the WSJ.

“Instinctively, you would say, ‘Isn’t that a ridiculous thing,’ but actually, it’s a very good thing. And it actually makes money, it could make a lot of money.” Once again, we can only hope that he’s right- that he knows what he’s talking about, and that he hasn’t been pressured to say these things.

In order to be honest with ourselves, it’s also important to always remain open to the unpleasant possibility that he may not be the man we believe he is. Trump supporters can, without betraying themselves, still support him. These position changes may be called for. He may be learning things that he did not know before- and he may be changing things that he complained about previously.

Donald Trump has long said that NATO is obsolete. He has changed his appraisal of NATO as well. Before, he says that NATO does not fight terrorism. Now he says they do. It’s too early to decide whether or not his new appraisal is correct. We can only hope that he is right, that he is telling the truth- and most importantly- that he is not being coerced into changing his stance on NATO.

Finally, there’s the attack on Assad’s airfield, and the use of the MOAB against ISIS. There is reason to think that his attack on Assad was just a gesture to appease dangerous deep state globalists. But on the other hand- he is keeping up the anti-Assad rhetoric. Then again, he has promised there will be no ground war.

About the Mother of all Bombs deployed against ISIS. Trump has always promised to destroy ISIS, so we are less disturbed by this. And in a way, it could represent a bone tossed to rapacious powers beyond his control.

Right now, the golden man may be going through a dark time. He may be subjected to forces we do not understand. But we can hope, and wait, and be ready to take up the slack should events prove to us that the people’s man in the White House has somehow been compromised- while praying that it isn’t so.

~ Facts Not Memes

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