The Truth About ‘Anti-Fascist’ Protests

All throughout the election, the left staged violent protests which the mainstream media covered in a way that was, simply put, dead wrong. They intentionally provoked the ire of Trump supporters, attacked them physically, and lied about it. They show up at events with little notice, with signs and gear that could only take planning and funding to produce.

We’ve seen documented evidence of the fact that leftist provocateurs have plotted to attack conservatives with gas, bombs, fire, bear mace, and worse. And most disturbing of all, we’ve seen ads on Craigslist calling for political agitators in specific cities at specific times precipitating each of these events.

A few weeks ago at UC Berkeley, they stopped Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter from speaking using mob tactics – assaulting attendees with mace and clubs whilst setting fires to the ‘safe spaces’ they purport to want to protect. One decidedly innocent man was seen being attacked by a masked protester wielding a heavy metal bicycle lock.

Worst of all, what makes all of these violent demonstrations so disturbing is the fact that so many alternative news outlets have gone out to the streets to interview the protesters and revealed that many of them don’t even know why they are there. They don’t understand the policy statements of the various politicians at issue. Primarily, they are there to protest Donald Trump. Period.

But the best answers they can provide as to why they oppose Trump are laughably simplistic… something about a misquoted piece of locker room talk from over a decade ago, or the color of his skin.

It gets worse. In order to understand the protesters fully, it is necessary to understand the support they are receiving from the establishment. There are the aforementioned Craigslist ads, of course. There’s also the fact that the mainstream media consistently reports on the fights and the violence as being either initiated by both sides, or as being provoked by conservatives when we consistently get video reports from the ground that clearly show that the opposite is the case.

We have seen that the Craigslist ads and the overly sophisticated signs they carry are funded by people like George Soros, an infamous funder of violent political revolutions all over the world. And, again and again, we see police withdrawing and refusing to protect the victims.

So, it is clear that the violent leftist protesters that have been assaulting Trump supporters for over a year now have the support of international financiers, the mainstream media, the DNC, university administrators, and police departments across the United Sates. Yet, half the country acts as if all of this is just a lot of conspiratorial nonsense. Never mind the evidence.

But it is only those who don’t understand history who are shocked at the violence, the ignorance, and the coordination of the left. They themselves remind us over and over of the Nazi movement of World War II as they repeatedly refer to their ideological opponents as Nazis – who are therefore worthy of receiving violence.

Ironically, it is the leftist protesters who are shutting down the free speech of others, calling for sanctions against people who think differently to them and committing shocking acts of violence in the streets.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has began taking action against these would-be fascists. He set a precedent this month by sentencing a trio of protesters to up to one year of jail time and $2,000 in fines for disrupting proceedings on Capitol grounds.

All three of the protesters are accused of disorderly conduct. One laughed during introductory statements. Another was dressed as a KKK member. Another shouted, “You can’t arrest me, I’m white!” as he was being carried out.

At the time of writing, CNN and MSNBC have reported the ‘heavy handedness’ of these arrests claiming Sessions was silencing dissent.

What they won’t tell you is that Sessions is taking a necessary course of action while also making a statement that violent opposition will no longer be tolerated.

We have a proud tradition of protest in this country- a very fine and idealistic tradition wherein we stand united against tyranny and lies in the name of the common good of the people. But presently, that tradition is being corrupted by the same people who claim to be saving it.

~ Facts Not Memes

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