The Bias of Media Silence

You know the mainstream media is packed full of bias. Turn it on for five minutes and you’ll see the complete abandonment of objectivity in everything they present. That is only half the story.

The media is just as biased in what they don’t report, and that manipulative silence is often more destructive and more convincing than the transparent propaganda they frequently spout. Looking at just a handful of stories they have omitted, you can see just how deep the problem runs.

Approval Rating

What was the last approval rating you heard in regards to Donald Trump? It was probably somewhere in the dumpster. As it turns out, his approval rating hit a low point in March after the healthcare vote failed, but aside from that one minor dip, he has actually enjoyed approval from more than half the country.

In April, his approval rating has approached 60 percent. Many attribute the rebound to his hard stances against Syria and North Korea, and in the most recent polls, the two qualities that were most commonly cited in regards to positive approval were his strong and decisive leadership and his ability to bring meaningful change to the country.

Most likely, this is all news to you, because mainstream media hasn’t mentioned it in the slightest. The idea that most of America actually approves of Trump is detrimental to their aims, and so they once again abandon the notion of unbiased reporting and remain silent. Still, approval ratings are small news, and this is the least offensive silence you’ll read about today.

School Shooting

School shootings happen every now and then, and they typically stir a media frenzy. In fact, when Obama was president it seemed that every other week was packed with news stories of the latest mass shooting. Many Americans are completely unaware that there was a school shooting in San Bernardino in April.

Even if you have some knowledge, do you know who was shot? How many were killed? Any details at all? The media has been uncannily silent on this event, and the reason is simple. It doesn’t fit their narrative.

This school shooting was committed by a black man using a low capacity revolver. It was done in a gun-free zone and the gun used to carry out the attack was illegally obtained. In fact, the perpetrator had previous felonies that made it illegal for him to own a gun at all.

Despite all of this, he still killed three people, including a child. But, since this senseless tragedy clearly shows why the liberal stances on gun control and racism don’t work, it has been largely ignored, and a community that is reeling from horror will not receive the greater support of their nation.


Do you remember when Trump accused Obama of spying on him? Do you remember the mainstream media effort to paint Trump as deranged and stupid because Obama was on vacation? Do you remember when just weeks later Susan Rice was caught red-handed unmasking members of Trump’s team? Let’s talk about how all of this comes together.

In case you forgot, Susan Rice was Obama’s National Security Advisor. With access to the highest levels of clearance, she requested information regarding Trump’s team. Her actions ultimately led to civilians being unmasked in a breach of classified information.

And while that is its own can of worms, it brings up an important question: why were members of Trump’s team on classified documents in the first place? Despite her adamant denial, Rice received this information because Trump’s campaign team was in fact under classified surveillance.

It goes even deeper. The FBI has recently admitted that they had a FISA warrant to monitor the Trump campaign throughout the last year in search for ties to Russia. Despite their failure to find any connections, the warrant they used can only be obtained through a secret court order. It has to be approved from the top, and Obama’s administration was at least acutely aware of the spying.

Yet, mainstream reporting on both of these facts has been more than sparse. There is clear, undeniable evidence that Obama did in fact spy on Trump, but the media can’t admit that they were wrong, and so you don’t hear about it.

These examples are just the most obvious and barely scratch the surface. Look for news on Vault 7 or the Fresno shooter for even more recent and obvious cases of media silence. It is a silence carefully crafted to hide any and all evidence that runs counter to their aims, and that hidden evidence is their most powerful weapon.

~ Facts Not Memes

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