Obama’s Last Days: What to Expect

With just over a month to go before Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, many are holding their breath to see what Barack Obama will do in his waning days as chief executive.

Lame duck presidents have historically remained relatively low-key, enacting mostly symbolic moves. Just after Trump’s landslide win, Obama was conciliatory and seemed to be ready to assist in what has made America unique in world history – the peaceful transfer of power.

With his announcement that he is directing an inquiry into possible Russian hacking to influence the election, it is now obvious that President Obama has other ideas.

Back in the summer, when all the pundits were convinced that Trump had no chance of winning the election Obama was busy pushing through his agenda, confident that a president Hillary Clinton would be there to stand behind his policies.

He and his surrogates pardoned violent criminals and terrorists, bullied schools into unisexing their bathrooms, sided with Black Lives Matter militants against law enforcement, went on an apology tour across Europe and Japan, and even attempted to outlaw the legitimate $10 billion payday loan industry.

Over the past few months, Obama has commuted the prison sentences of more convicted felons than the past six presidents combined. In addition to that, he released 44,000 felons from federal prison early and dozens of al Qaeda leaders from Gitmo.

Steve Cook, president of the National Association of Assistant US Attorneys warns that many of those pardoned by Obama were in fact drug traffickers with long rap sheets. One had eight prior felony drug convictions, while another was caught with 40 firearms.

“When they say nonviolent drug offender and that’s who’s in our federal prisons and needs to get out early, they’re misleading the public,” said Cook, adding that Obama’s program will get both cops and citizens killed.

To add insult to injury Obama told Howard University Graduates last month that he is appointing Black Lives Matter activist — Brittany Packnett — to a White House task force for retraining police departments across the U.S. in how to handle black suspects.

One action that will not be easy to undo quickly is Obama’s change in policy towards Cuba. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest made it plain earlier this year that the White House has a clear strategy of making the president’s policies as difficult as possible to undo. Earnest said, “When it comes to our Cuba policy, for example, we’ve made no bones about the fact that we are seeking to lock in that change in approach toward Cuba,.”

In the last few months, Obama has signed a number of executive orders that will make permanent — at least, unless rescinded by a future executive order.

A new president could rescind any one of those executive orders — but likely at a political cost.

Radio talk show host, Mark Levin warns, “You better watch the day after the election because Obama’s going to reign hell on the American people.” He said that the Obama is prepared to push regulations that are “horrific” and “monstrous.”

Political consultant Jeff Crank told OneNewsNow that President Obama has no hesitation in wielding the phone and the pen.

“We have really a president that’s shown no regard for the Constitution or the checks and balances in it,” Crank said, “and someone who’s very ideologically left-wing, someone who when he was elected said he wanted to fundamentally transform America.”

Last week, the Washington Post published a report saying the intelligence community believes that Russia was favoring Trump to get elected.

Emboldened by backing from the mainstream media and the progressive left, President Barack Obama has now requested a review of the situation. A bipartisan group of senators (Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Jack Reed, and Chuck Schumer) has also called on an independent investigation of Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

During an interview, Bolton said he had concerns about Obama pushing to get the review wrapped up before January 20th when Trump officially takes office. He said he thinks the burden of the review will fall on Mike Pompeo, Trump’s nominee for director of the CIA.

If Democrats have shown us anything during this post-election period it is that many of them have no intention to allow a peaceful transfer of power. Now that recount efforts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have proven a bust, it looks like this is Obama’s last gasp effort to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and further enhance his own legacy.

~ Facts Not Memes

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