Is America Turning Towards Chinese-Style Censorship?

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In the 1950s, the CIA began Project Mockingbird wherein the intelligence agency would infiltrate major media outlets in order to control the flow of information. We have the famous quote from former CIA director William Casey, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

It’s unclear whether Casey’s statement was made enthusiastically or as a kind of jeer, but the fact is that the Government has been working to control speech and access to information for a long time.

The Warren Commission of 1963, whose job it was to investigate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, was used to popularize the idea that conspiracy theories are fallacious, dangerous, and that those who espouse them should have their activities curtailed. Since then, it’s become common that people who believe powerful people can and do collaborate in secret for their own gain- at the cost of large populations- are summarily dismissed.

Earlier this year, the long classified Project Mockingbird was made legal in a move that has done some damage to the reputation of the main stream media’s (MSM) already flagging reputation. This has had the positive effect of providing iron-clad proof that many, if not most, MSM outlets are not in the business of disseminating real information but rather, are just propaganda arms of the Federal government.

Of course, among those few who are aware of the legalization of Mockingbird, there are those who feel the legalization of government control of media somehow legitimizes it. The fact that the MSM has not covered the story is a significant red flag.

It can be argued that conservative thinkers have a greater tendency to think in terms of conspiracies. Many respected conservative groups and people are well known for studying conspiracies.

The John Birch society, for example, has developed a great deal of very well sourced and well written arguments making the case that Marxism, Communism, Fascism, political correctness, and all forms of centralized power come from a common source which has the longstanding goal of organizing the people of the world under a single government.

The sources and support for regimes of this kind have been known to emanate from the Rothschild family, the Vatican, and other forces which have had a formative influence on the Council on Foreign Relations, and The Bilderberg Group, to name two.

Today, we have seen a major breakdown in this control system of information. The MSM made a massive and concerted effort to influence the election by delivering exaggerated reports on Hillary Clinton’s popularity in the polls, and heavily skewed stories on the deeds, personalities, and qualifications of both Trump and Clinton. This effort failed in a dramatic and momentous way that could not be ignored and few can plausibly deny.

Since this failure, Federal intelligence agencies, in collaboration with the MSM have begun a communist style crackdown on alternative media sources.

These are the sources of information that informed Trump supporters, enabling them to push forward- on the heft of much more accurate information than the MSM would deliver- and to achieve the single greatest blow to the Establishment that history has ever seen- without spilling a single drop of blood.

Indeed, when you look at the money poured into the Clinton campaign- and the active deception efforts surrounding it- Trump’s victory easily represents the largest upset of establishment powers in history.

But the response has been to pressure companies like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to censor conservative voices in an attempt to manage the damage done by Trump’s win.

Right now, many users of these platforms are reporting their news feeds are becoming blander, more leftist oriented, and that they are seeing fewer of the kinds of independent media that they rely on these platforms to deliver.

At the same time, MSM commentators are openly praising the methods used by the communist Chinese government to censor the Internet, depriving their citizens of the freedom to choose the news sources they turn to for information.

This shift in the narrative from condemning the abuses of human rights and free speech by the Chinese government to praising them for controlling information is a startling signifier of things to come. It is a clear indication of the level of mendacity that the press is willing to resort to, and because of what we know about Project Mockingbird it is the strong evidence that the Federal government is more involved than ever in the active deprivation of Americans of their right to free and accurate information.

~ Facts Not Memes

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