Canada’s Illegal Immigration Crises

We need to be more like Canada! They’re the friendly neighbors to the north who are accepting of everyone. Look at their health care and immigration! Everyone is welcome in Canada!

You’ve heard these kinds of thoughts about Canada plenty of times, but recent polls show that this is another red herring argument. The irony of it all is that American citizens are automatically disqualified from refugee status in Canada.

More importantly, a recent influx of illegal immigration by refugees has hit the friendly country. Despite their reputation for acceptance, the public reaction to the situation has been mixed signaling that not even the friendliest of countries is ok with rampant immigration of Middle Eastern and Northern African refugees.

The Polls

A few pieces of data are rather surprising and certainly worth discussing. The first is how Canadians are responding to the immigration peak. Roughly 48 percent are in favor of immediate deportation. Only 23 percent favor admitting all of the new immigrants, and the rest want to take unspecified action.

A similar poll showed that the same number, 48 percent, favor deportation because they feel the immigrants make Canada less safe. Only 18 percent disagree with that notion while the rest remain unsure.

This sudden immigration “crisis” has dramatically turned the political climate in the country too. Immigration has suddenly become a top issue according to polls, and from January to March, Trudeau’s approval rating went from 59 percent to 37 percent. The most commonly cited reason for the change was his policies on immigration.

A Little Reference

These polls already paint a picture opposite to common notions regarding Canada, but a little context makes it even more extreme. In response to the situation, Ottawa has dropped their refugee target from 44,800 down to 25,000 for 2017. This is particularly interesting because the country only accepted 16,000 refugees in 2016 altogether.

Despite that, the spike in illegal border crossings is an obvious point of concern. The total number of incidents is up 300 percent from last summer and 400 percent from 2015. The vast majority of these immigrants are not U.S. citizens. They mostly hail from Africa and the Middle East.

With such a crazy influx of immigrants, it’s easy to see why fears are rising, but we still don’t have the full story. You see, even after this huge jump, Canada still only recorded 1200 illegal crossings in 2016. If you believe the border agents who claim they catch at least 90 percent of all illegal migrants, then you have to stop and consider just how reactionary the country is being.

For a little perspective, the annual illegal crossings into the U.S. are 50 times higher. Additionally, the Canadian deportation process is 30 times faster, meaning “scary” migrants are shipped back to the U.S. in a matter of days.

Compare this to the more than 6 million illegal immigrants who have been in the U.S. for more than a decade, and you can see that Canada’s new crisis is laughable compared to their southern neighbor. Despite that, they are still in arms over the issue and ready to restructure their immigration and refugee policies.

Comparing Trump

In the face of these raw numbers, Trump’s immigration ideas suddenly seem pretty mild. If the “progressive” Canadian regime is panicking over 1200 immigrants, how then should America respond to millions? How extremist can Trump really be when his scaled down numbers are still more than three times higher than Trudeau’s?

This is another stark example of the failed tactics of the left. They cling to international examples in order to paint a socialist picture of the world, but when you pull the curtains, you see that the numbers never support the arguments.

The real truth is that Trump is aware of a significant problem and is taking extremely moderate action to move towards correcting the issues. If Canada or Trudeau were faced with immigration issues on the same scale as the U.S., he probably wouldn’t even get to finish his term.

We need to be more like Canada? If that means faster turnaround times for deporting illegal immigrants, then that might be reasonable. If we’re talking about a stunning reaction to an extremely minor influx of unlawful border crossings, then being like Canada would likely be destructive. And, it would certainly brand us as intolerable bigots in the international community. It looks like Mr. Trump’s mild approach is the better way after all.

~ Facts Not Memes

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