Best Hits of Progressive Self-Contradiction

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Liberals have their fair share of problems, but in the last year their voice has been overwhelmingly drowned by the rising progressives. Their great rallying cry is to call all dissent an equal combination of immoral judgment and overt stupidity.

As they hail their new god, science, they take a completely uncompromising stance on every issue, even when it betrays their own code. While they will never cease painting the Right as uneducated, backwater hillbillies, they seem incapable of noticing the perpetual foot in their mouth.

None of this will be news to you, but it’s worth painting a clear context. There are several fads that fly in the face of all medical knowledge: anti-vaccination, legalization of drugs and GMO foods. Let’s start with vaccines. It has been unequivocally proven that the single “study” suggesting that vaccines can cause autism was completely fabricated. Despite that, a large swath of progressives still push the narrative that vaccines are dangerous and that children need “protection” from them.

Even in the face of indisputable evidence, such as the absence of diseases like polio and smallpox, and an overwhelming scientific consensus (over 99%), they hold to this narrative. In fact, a recent survey suggests that one in seven progressives hold to these beliefs.

Vaccines, believe it or not, are one of their more rational ideals. Keep in mind that progressives want to legalize all drugs, not just marijuana. Even though cannabis is easily the least destructive of the drugs on their list, it has been clinically proven to cause permanent brain damage, extreme dependence and chronic gastrointestinal issues.

Progressives consistently claim that the drug never kills, even though it is linked to roughly 50,000 U.S. deaths annually, and they blatantly ignore statistics that show that increased drug use in states that have legalized marijuana have led to epidemics. Once again, that’s the nicest of the drugs they want legalized.

Those are both examples of rational, logical thought compared to the progressive stance on genetically modified organisms (GMO). While the progressives push to get GMO foods labelled and regulated, they forget even the most basic biology. You see, GMO foods aren’t produces by some science fiction gene splicing experiment. They’re primarily the result of meticulous cross pollination.

GMO foods happen completely naturally, without any human intervention whatsoever, and there is literally zero produce on the planet that is not genetically modified. Scientific consensus isn’t really a measure of truthfulness, but since they love to quote it in regards to climate science, it’s easy to come back to the narrative. The scientific consensus on GMO foods is clear: they’re the only foods that exist.

Silly stances on medicine are only the beginning. Because medicine and biology, by nature, have a larger margin of error than other hard sciences, it’s easier to find room to argue common sense in the fields. In physics, the room for argument is much smaller, and yet, progressives are still consistently anti science.

Let’s start with cell phone radiation. For anyone who hasn’t been through radiation safety training, radiation is a broad word that covers an almost indescribably large range of phenomena. That lends it to be grossly misunderstood by anyone without specialist training, so it’s important to understand that the same word can describe x-rays and the heat coming from an oven, even though they are substantially different situations.

Despite that, progressive have successfully pushed through legislation that claims cellphones can cause cancer because they use radiation. Every single physicist on the planet cringes in response to this, because the radiation in cell phones is 100 percent harmless. If they can cause cancer, it would only be by eating them, and in large quantities.

The misunderstanding on radiation gets more sinister. While progressives endlessly fight for a cleaner environment, they staunchly oppose the existing solution that has been available for decades: nuclear power.

Nuclear energy is so clean and safe that it actually has a smaller carbon footprint and lower mortality rate than solar panels. That’s right. You are more likely to die in a solar panel accident than as a result of nuclear power. Anyone who genuinely wants to see fewer emissions and a cleaner environment would have to champion nuclear energy, if they truly believed in science.

These are some of the greatest hits, but we didn’t even have time to discuss the anti-scientific views on polar bear population, bee collapses, Antarctic ice growth and a number of other issues. Suffice it to say that progressives are not actually champions of science. In reality, they are champions of convenience, always promoting an idea for how nice it sounds rather than the reality behind it.

Make sure to check your inbox tomorrow for more truth telling about progressives and the lies they are feeding Americans. Liberty Planet will be here every day to make sure you know the truth!

~ Facts Not Memes

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